The Essential Church seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all we say and do, to get back to what the Lord designed the Church to be: the spotless bride of Christ, designed to bring Him glory in the world through preaching the Word, teaching the Word, and being living witnesses in the world for Him. As Christians, we pledge to bring back what the word Church really means: not just a building of people or a roster, but a church full of called believers that denies ourselves daily, takes up our crosses, and follows Christ (Luke 9:23).

We confess that we are human, and sinful, and in need of the grace of God every moment, but we want to do the work of the Lord and want you to join us. Don’t sit on the sidelines or the pew; come be a part of the move of God worldwide.

For all inquiries concerning our church, please feel free to contact us at the following email: