The Essential Church Copyright Statement

We here at The Essential Church appreciate you visiting our church website and reading our material. And we understand that some may want to use our audio messages and blog posts, but we ask that you respect our copyright. Our content, whether audio, video, or written, is not to be reproduced anywhere without our express permission (writing us and receiving our approval is the only thing that qualifies here). If you decide to quote something we’ve mentioned here, please feel free to give us authorial attribution (this is for your peace of mind as well as our own).

Additionally, we ask that if you want to use something significant we’ve done here, that you contact us at to request permission. We reserve the right to accept or reject your request, so remember that writing an email isn’t the whole matter.

We appreciate your visit here at our church website and your support of our ministry. And, as always, we ask for your continued prayers. We love you and God bless you all.

In Him,

Pastor D.M. Richardson

The Essential Church

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