Bible College, Seminary, and Divinity School Grads Wanted

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I am a Pastor who believes in shepherding the flock of God, but I am a big believer in the fact that we can learn from the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, who chose 12 disciples to help carry out the work of the ministry. If our Lord could choose 12 disciples, how can pastors today think that one-man/woman rule is sufficient for church pastoring?

To this end, as Pastor of The Essential Church, I want to extend an invitation to bible college, seminary, and divinity school graduates to consider joining in with our congregation to gain experience in pastoral ministry in an Internet church. You all have been blessed by God to learn and study more about theology and His Word, and we believe God has gifted you with such knowledge for the purpose of edifying the saints and the building up of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:7-15).

Now, before anyone starts dreaming here, keep in mind that this is an Internet Church plant. At the moment, there is very little church infrastructure in place. Normally, this makes some individuals afraid, but, this could also be a divine opportunity for you as a teacher and preacher of the Word of God to gain experience that could be used on a resume in the future. After all, experience can be, second to the Word of God, the best teacher as to how to shepherd the flock of God. You could use your skills to help establish a church with proper doctrine, with things in place that you won’t find in other churches. This is a real opportunity to grow a ministry from little to a lot by God’s grace.

Now, in order to align yourself with us, The Essential Church provides a doctrinal statement that we expect you to agree with. We want to safeguard sound doctrine in order that the flock be united and of one mind in doctrine. No, we’re not saying we want to brainwash anyone, but we do believe that Scripture is clear on many things and intend to teach those doctrines and positions in our church. If you find those doctrines to be problematic and want to discuss them, feel free to write us and talk with us about it. But do not sign our doctrinal statement and agree to our position on biblical doctrines, only to turn around and disagree down the road. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into before you agree to serve in our church and hold to our doctrinal positions. To find out more about our doctrinal statement, please feel free to click on “What We Believe” on the main menu or select the link above with the words “a doctrinal statement.”

Last but not least, this is a position of service before God. No, you won’t earn a paycheck from this ministry, at least not yet. No, you won’t have accolades at your feet or the press at your door interviewing you. Most individuals may not have even heard of the Internet church you work for. And yet, this is a real opportunity to service. Our Lord, though renowned in Heaven, adored by the angels, loved by His Father, came to earth, took on flesh, and was treated as a common peasant and common criminal. It wasn’t a starring Hollywood role He took upon Himself when He gave His life for the sins of the world. Working at The Essential Church won’t be your immediate ticket to a megachurch or some fame within Christendom, but the Lord sees all and knows all — and He’s the One that can raise up leaders and cut them down. Remember that as you minister.

So, if you have no qualms against our doctrinal statement and an opportunity to serve with a voluntary heart, we welcome you into The Essential Church. Please feel free to select “Contact” on the main menu and let us know you’re interested in serving in a teaching, preaching, or pastoral role. We have a special opening for Youth Pastors as well, seeing that we want to minister effectively to our young people in today’s church.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In Him,

Pastor D.M. Richardson

The Essential Church