Salvation in Stages: Taking Issue with “Once” in “Once Saved, Always Saved”


Pastor D.M. Richardson here, back with a message on Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS). I make no secret of the fact that OSAS is erroneous doctrine, preaching that the initial salvation/conversion experience is all one needs to be saved in the end when Scripture tells the believer there’s more to life with the Lord than just the beginning.

In this message, I tackle a sermon I heard yesterday from a televangelist regarding Paul’s words about “you have been saved” in Ephesians 2. The preacher said “Paul tells them ‘have been saved’ as though it’s already done,” but that seems to imply that salvation is a one-time event where effects are continued throughout the Christian life. And yet, Paul says in other places that salvation has not only “happened” to believers in the past, but that it is happening now, that there’s something new to the salvation experience that we are encountering right now. Salvation is not just about effects from the beginning, but that we “are being saved” now and that we “will be saved” when we reach glorification or final salvation. “Have been saved” is past tense, “are being saved” is present tense, and “will be saved” is future tense.

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Pastor D.M. Richardson

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