Looking for a Bible Study group? Come join The Essential Church Fellowship!

Praise the Lord, church! Pastor D.M. Richardson here, inviting you to come fellowship with us.

The Essential Church is looking for you to come and study the Word of the Lord with us. We believe that the Spirit of the Lord moves in both small and large gatherings, and that, without all the shenanigans that pull people into churches (food, trips, fundraisers, etc.), the Word of the Lord should be the drawing tool, the drawing power, as to where you worship with the Lord and fellowship with the saints. And we’re looking for you!

The Essential Church Fellowship will meet on Monday and Thursday nights from 7-9PM EST, and right now, we’re going through the Book of Hebrews. We’ve studied Paul’s words to the Jewish Christians about their struggles in persecution, how their possessions were taken from them and they suffered with others who suffered. Paul encourages the Jewish Christians to move forward in their faith because Jesus is the final revelation of God; He’s greater than the angels, greater than the Old Testament prophets so venerated in Judaism, greater than the sacrificial system because, whereas the sacrificial system required the blood of lambs, bulls, and goats yet could not save, Jesus’ death once for all saves. He saves to the utmost those who come to Him in faith.

Though the Lord is blessing us in the Word and edifying us, we believe the Word is too good to keep to ourselves: we want you to come enjoy the Lord and magnify His name with us.

If you’re looking for a Bible Study that will challenge you, grow your knowledge of the Word, and get back to what the Church was designed to be, we invite you to The Essential Church Fellowship. For more details, please use the contact page at the top right of the screen, or contact us at the church email address for more information. We praise God for your support and prayers, and pray the Lord’s blessings be upon you both now and in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

God Bless,

Pastor D.M. Richardson

The Essential Church

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