We’re looking for Male and Female Pastors

Open Bible At The Front Of A Church. Credit: 364daysofthanksgiving

As Pastor of The Essential Church, the Lord has laid it on my heart to pray for a team of pastors to help bear the work of the ministry. I believe that the load of the ministry is too much to bear alone, and, despite my love for the work of God, it is to the glory of God that many minds come together and do something for His glory. There is no “I” in “team.”

To this end, The Essential Church desires to connect with male and female pastors. Now, with that said, I want to stress this here: first, we’re looking for Pastors that are interested in an internet church plant. We expect Pastors to provide sermons they’ve preached (in either audio or video format), and we also expect to have video chat Bible Study sessions with these Pastors as well as our church members. There are other activities in the internet church that Pastors can put their hands to, provided that their time constraints allow them.

There are Pastors that are already busy with churches and simply don’t have the time to add another layer to their church duties. We understand your constraints in such cases, and are praying for your ministries. But there are Pastors out there who have been called by God to Pastor but don’t yet have a sense of direction as to where God is leading them. These Pastors don’t have any formal Pastoral experience, but sense that God is calling them to Pastor somewhere.

These newly-called Pastors are our aim: we want to see men and women with the gift of Pastor find their place in The Essential Church, where they’re allowed to gain experience and put their desire into action. If you’re a Youth Pastor who feels called to youth but don’t see any other opportunities at the moment, come join us. You can be the drive behind an Essential Church Kids ministry in our church (by the way, we don’t have this child ministry yet; you can be the first to plant it). We’re unapologetic in our belief that the Lord calls women into ministry; while we will discuss complementarianism and the view that women shouldn’t serve in ministry, we will not prohibit women from “praying and prophesying” but will encourage them all the more. We’ve already started addressing the so-called prohibition passages, dismantling their complementarian interpretations.

While we desire Pastors that don’t have pastoral experience to come join us, we’re open to whoever God sends. We aren’t ruling out experienced Pastors, though, so if that’s you and the Lord is giving you a desire for an internet ministry, feel free to contact us.

We ask that you come with an open mind toward the study of Scripture, as Pastors will meet with me each week to study Scripture and discuss church efforts as activities get underway. We’re looking for Pastors who believe that Jesus loves every person and died for the sins of the whole world. We understand that some out there are passionate about God’s reprobation and believe it is for God’s glory, but we believe such a view contradicts Scripture. We believe the gospel message is more convicting and passionate when Pastors and preachers preach that Jesus died for every man and woman, not some. For more details on what we believe, feel free to check out our doctrinal statement.

If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to write us at essentialpastor@gmail.com with your name, email address, and some testimony about how you received your call to Pastor. We praise God for you, and look forward to working with you. Whether you Pastor with us or somewhere else, we praise the Lord for what He will do in you and through you for His glory.

God bless.

Pastor D.M. Richardson

The Essential Church

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