The Essential Church Announces a New Book By Pastor D.M.



Praise the Lord, everybody! Pastor D.M. here.

I am excited about what the Lord has blessed me to achieve as of late.

By the Lord’s grace, I have written a second book. The title of the book is Doctrinal Deception: Responding to Carlton Pearson’s The Gospel of Inclusion, and the book is a response to the writings of Bishop Carlton Pearson. For those of you that may not know, Carlton Pearson is a Gospel Music recording artist as well as a former Bishop in the Pentecostal denomination that was declared a heretic by the African-American Joint Council of Bishops (JCOB) when he started preaching and teaching from the pulpit of his church that everyone in the world, whether Christian or Buddhist, Muslim, etc., was “already saved and just didn’t know it.”

This view is known as inclusion or inclusivism, and Pearson isn’t the first theologian in church history to endorse the idea. There were some in early church history who did as well.

In the book, I take apart claims of Pearson, piece by piece, using Scripture to combat his interpretations of Christianity and his views about Christian beliefs. The book will tackle topics such as the exclusivity of the Christian God, as well as the righteous character of God and how Hell fits into the divine character. Along the way, I re-interpret certain passages of Scripture that Pearson interprets incorrectly to give Christians a book that they can use to refute the false doctrine of inclusion in their local church congregations and assemblies.

Doctrinal Deception is now on sale at Amazon for $9.99 (Kindle) and $20.00 (paperback). You can check out the Kindle version by clicking on the photo below. To order the paperback, go here.

I’m so honored to share this book with each of you. Of all the books one can buy, this may be one of the most robust defenses of the Christian faith you’ll ever buy. I couldn’t be more joyful over its outcome, and I pray that you’ll share my conviction when reading the book.

To God be the glory!

In Him,

Pastor D.M. Richardson

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