[Get Your Copies Today!] Pastor D.M. Hosts Free Book Giveaway at Amazon From April 18th-22nd

Deidre Richardson books


Pastor D.M. purchased lots of books while at seminary, but she always wondered why books often cost so much. After all, if authors really want readers to purchase their books and learn the information, why price it out of range for so many readers? Even with books of decent pricing, the financial struggle is real for readers who desire to own a copy but may be facing unemployment, medical bills, necessary bills such as air, electricity, a mortgage or car payment, and so on.

Essential Church Pastor D.M. Richardson wants to be a blessing to readers all over the world. To this end, she is giving away three of her four books at Amazon.com to buyers who go to Amazon between April 18th-22nd. The book giveaway comes courtesy of Amazon, who has allowed Richardson the opportunity to offer these books for free.

Free Kindle Books, Discounted Paperbacks


It should be clarified that the free book giveaway is only for Kindle Books, not paperbacks. Richardson is aware that many want to purchase paperbacks affordably, so she has also discounted the paperbacks to “at cost” — meaning that she’ll make next to nothing (if anything at all) on paperback sales. “I want to be a blessing,” Richardson says. “I realize that so many readers may not be willing to take a chance on a book author they know little to nothing about. Perhaps the title of the book, book description, and a nice giveaway for Kindle Books will sweeten the deal for many buyers this upcoming SonRise season.”

Here at The Essential Church, we do not call the upcoming holiday “Easter” but rather, “SonRise” in honor of the resurrection of the Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many call it Easter, but Pastor D.M. has informed us of Easter’s pagan origins. “SonRise” will be observed this year on April 21, 2019.

Three Free Kindle Books For April 18th-22nd, 2019

The three free Kindle Books being given away between April 18th and April 22nd are as follows:

  1. Lydia’s Heart: The Case for Prevenient Grace (published December 15, 2018)
  2. Doctrinal Deception: Responding to Carlton Pearson’s The Gospel of Inclusion (published May 2017)
  3. More Doctrinal Deception: Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Inclusion, Further Examined (published May 2017)

Pastor D.M. Says New Upcoming Book Is On The Way

To add to the excitement, Pastor D.M. says that she’s got a new book on the way. “I’ve been blessed by God to pen a fifth book that will arrive at Amazon sometime soon.” How soon, Pastor doesn’t say, but she’s definitely told us to keep a watchful eye on Amazon.com and follow her Author Page there for more updates.

What will the new book be about? “Salvation,” Richardson says. That’s all she’d give us, though we obviously wanted more information. “Well, there will be a tribute in it to my mother and grandmother,” she says. Richardson’s mother died of brain cancer ten years ago in 2009. She has preached two tribute sermons to her mother (see here and here). Richardson’s grandmother just passed away this past March 3rd from heart and pneumonia complications.

“The tribute will honor the lives of the two women who’ve made me what I am today. I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Mom and Grandma have been the two biggest giants in my life. Whatever I write, I pray it is a glorious tribute to their legacies.”

To be on the lookout for the upcoming book (and others to come), you can follow Pastor D.M. at her Amazon Author Page.