Pot, Meet Kettle: Pro-Trump Christians And Same-Sex Marriage (Faith And Politics)

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“How can he be Christian, living his life by the Bible, and yet stand for same-sex marriage?” This is what my grandma asked me some years ago before she transitioned to glory. I explained to her that President Obama, then the Commander-In-Chief, had a duty to protect everyone in the country, including gay, lesbian, and transgender persons (LGBT). And so, under the law, they are just as human as heterosexuals and deserve the same legal protections as heterosexuals. Nowhere in the laws of the US Constitution do we read that only heterosexuals with a certain sexual orientation deserve legal protections, while others don’t. The language isn’t present. LGBT persons are humans. Case closed.

But my grandma’s question about Obama and her outrage at the former President’s stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage (which progressed from his earlier stance) demonstrates what a lot of Republicans believe about Christians and politics: that is, as a Christian, your faith should guide your politics. You should vote legally in accordance with what you believe spiritually, what your Christian faith conviction tells you to do. And so, if the Bible condemns homosexuality, they say, Christians should condemn it in the legal sphere. “I wouldn’t vote for same-sex marriage,” I was told by a seminary classmate once. He believed that it was wrong to treat LGBT persons less than human but that, even despising the discrimination, he wouldn’t vote for them to have legal protections such as anti-hate laws that would cover sexual orientation.

So when it comes to the vote, Republican Christians are very clear: you vote in accordance with the Bible, with Scripture. What Scripture supports, you support; what Scripture condemns, you condemn. And yet, why is it that Scripture condemns abortion, yet President Trump, a Republican politically (at least he ran as a Republican), condemns the use of aborted fetal cells in medical research while drinking a COVID cocktail tested on aborted fetal cells — and has invested his money in Regeneron and Remdesivir, two companies that use aborted fetal cells for drug development?

But President Trump isn’t alone in his hypocrisy. Pro-Trump voters are just as guilty because, they too, live contrary to what they say they believe. For example, they say that life is a gift from God and that God gets to decide when life is conceived and born; humans shouldn’t tamper with that. Yet, they go and use condoms, birth control pills, patches, and even the morning-after pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If God is sovereign over life, unwanted pregnancies don’t exist. And if unwanted pregnancies don’t exist, then those pregnancies are God’s sovereign will. And when Republican Christians use and promote contraception, they are opposing the divine will. They are going against God. They’re opposing the same Word that they use to oppose abortion. You can’t be pro-life and pro-abortion (using medication to prevent pregnancy).

Now, Republican Christians that voted for Trump a second time are guilty of another inconsistency: supporting an anti-same sex marriage agenda while voting for a pro-homosexual marriage advocate.

Let me explain below.

The republican party’s anti-same-sex-marriage agenda

It’s no secret, but it’s worth repeating: the Republican Party is staunchly against same-sex marriage laws that give homosexual couples the right to marry. It’s not surprising, then, to see the Republican National Convention (RNC) reaffirm the 2016 platform for the 2020 campaign. Among the tenets of the 2016 Republican Party platform is opposition to gay marriage. Why is this not surprising? Because an overwhelming number of Republicans are against gay marriage.

And the attitude of the Republican Party fits that of its mostly white, evangelical Christian voting base, who also highly oppose gay marriage. These same evangelical Christians, believing the Bible to be the Word of God, also believe that God’s Law should be carried out in the world. So, if God is against homosexuality, then homosexuality should be outlawed because it’s God’s world we’re living in, and His Law, His Word, should prevail in everything.

The Trump card

But what may prove surprising for President Trump’s voting base, however, is that the President, who is infamously known for his transgender military ban, is actually in favor of same-sex marriage.

According to President Trump’s own wife, First Lady Melania Trump, the President is in support of equal rights for LGBT Americans. He supports equality, which includes same-sex marriage. “His passion in life is to see all the citizens of this great country do well and prosper…I was shocked to discover that some of these powerful people have tried to paint my husband as anti-gay or against equality. Nothing could be further from the truth…As the leader of the Republican Party, and as President of the United States, Donald has made it clear that gays and lesbians will be treated as he has always treated them: equally. Donald is the first President to enter the White House supporting gay marriage. Donald is also the first President to appoint an openly gay official to fill his cabinet,” the First Lady said in an exclusive Log Cabin Republicans video released on Twitter right before the November 3rd election.

LogCabinRepublicans Twitter account

Now some may see this video as nothing more than securing a few more popular votes for the President, but who would know Trump better than his wife? Very few people, in fact. And his appointment of an openly gay official refers to Ric Grennell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence. If Trump were as anti-gay as many Republicans paint him, why would he have ever appointed this official to serve in his cabinet?

And surprisingly, Grennell isn’t the only gay official promoted. Trump has also nominated openly lesbian judge Mary Rowland to the US District Court of Northern Illinois. She was confirmed last August. Openly gay Filipino-American judge Patrick Bumatay, confirmed for the US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit in December 2019, was also nominated by Trump.

In the same year that Trump nominated openly gay and lesbian judges, he also sent out a Pride Month tweet, stating that “we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation…my Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort.” In June of this year, Melania Trump was prevented from lighting up the White House in rainbow colors for Pride Month by Republicans. Sources say that Mark Meadows played a direct role in denying an LGBTQ Pride Month tweet earlier this year.

With all the gays and lesbians Trump has nominated in courts across the country, it seems that he is in favor of same-sex marriage. While he says that same-sex marriage has been ruled legal and that the law of the land is the law of the land, Trump’s gay and lesbian appointees are clearly at odds with the Republican Party’s 2020 platform (which is anti-gay marriage and thus, anti-gay). And, despite his transgender military ban, he hasn’t banned gays and lesbians from serving — only transgenders. Transgenders would possibly desire sex surgeries, which their military benefits would likely cover, should they be allowed to serve. This isn’t to say that transgenders should be deprived of the rights to serve in the military (they are citizens, and deserve the same rights as all American citizens), but it shows that Trump doesn’t seem to struggle with homosexuality as much as his political party does.

Trump’s words to Republican voters in 2016

isn’t a vote for a pro-same-sex-marriage trump against the evangelical, scriptural stance?

So with that said, if Trump has nominated openly gay and lesbian judges, and has said that he would protect the LGBT community from bigotry and hatred, why do Republicans still vote for Trump? Why do Christians still vote for Trump?

Some will point to his transgender military ban. Others will point to other measures he’s signed that removed rights and protections for transgender persons, but remember that transgenders aren’t gay and lesbian — these are different groups within the LGBT community. But Trump has appointed openly gay and lesbian judges, though. Do you think these judges will vote against gays and lesbians when to do that would work against their own interests? So with Trump promoting these individuals who eventually made their way into courts across the country, don’t you think Trump is setting the stage for LGBT laws to become the law of the land in all states, not just the federal government? Trump doesn’t nominate those who don’t serve his interests. We’ve already seen how he fires those who no longer agree with him.

So with that said, I go back to my question: How can Republican Christians vote for a President who is for the very thing that they’re against? Many evangelicals believe that the Bible is clear in passages such as Genesis 1 and Romans 1 that “male and female created He them.” They truly do believe that God made humanity male and female and brought them together in matrimony. It was God’s approval on mankind when He joined the two sexes together and told them to procreate. And God’s approval in sexuality, according to staunch evangelicals, is heterosexuality, not homosexuality. Trump’s agenda is against theirs and, with this mindset, against Christ. And if Trump is against the evangelical view, which they believe the Scriptures teach, then isn’t Trump’s view against Scripture?

How can Republican Christians, who hold to their faith and the Bible to the extent that it drives their political stance, vote for someone who holds a view that is contrary to their view of the Scriptures? Is Trump not being “unbiblical” here?

pot, meet kettle: Republicans voting for same-sex marriage is no less “sinful” or “Holier” than democrats voting for abortion

Yet, evangelical Christians voted for him. This is the same voting bloc that says, “If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for abortion.” I heard this argument at a conservative, Southern Baptist seminary, the entire time I was a student (I was there for 5+ years, by the way). So, if Democratic Christians are “pro-abortion” when they vote Democrat (though voting pro-choice isn’t the same as pro-abortion), then can it not be said that Republican Christians are for same-sex marriage when they voted for Trump?

Here’s where evangelical Christians would say, “But I voted for the best candidate. I believed Donald Trump to be the best candidate. And I wanted to vote in the election, so I had to choose.” Not all agree with this stance. Some chose to vote Independent (I) because they didn’t want Trump but they didn’t want to vote Democrat. But a number of evangelicals would say this. And yet, some Republicans can’t look across the aisle at their Democratic brethren and try to understand them.

Some Democrats voted for Joe Biden but don’t approve of the Democrats’ pro-choice stance. Yet Republicans clearly label them wrong, yet want a break when they do the same “wrong.” Republican voters who value their faith conviction above all else could have voted Independent or abstained from voting. Sure, voting is a political good in our country, but if faith convictions mean that much, evangelical Christians could always sit it out. I wouldn’t want someone to vote against their Christian conviction for the sake of political party.

The truth of it all is that, whether you vote for same-sex marriage or abortion, if you believe the Scriptures to teach against both, and you believe that to vote for a presidential candidate is to vote for their beliefs, then most of the 73 million voters that sided with Trump in the 2020 election cast a vote for same-sex marriage. How can these voters, claiming to be conservative, vote for a candidate with “progressive” views and yet, critique Christian voters with progressive views who vote for a party that is known for its progressive views? How can they attack Democratic Christians for being unbiblical while being unbiblical themselves? Why can’t pro-Trump Christians get the political plank out their own eyes instead of pointing out the speck in someone else’s?

Pot, meet kettle.