Unseat The 126 Republican Traitors: My Letter To House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Dear House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

It has come to my attention in recent days that Bill Pascrell Jr. has proposed that the 126 Republican congressmen who signed the Texas lawsuit contesting America’s free and fair election be unseated thanks to the 14th Amendment regarding sedition and treason. I agree with him. 

The facts are simple. These congressmen signed the Texas amicus brief after dozens of lawsuits had already been denied in court. When they signed, there was little doubt that the election was free and fair. It was a witch hunt from the start. Their compliance makes them guilty. 

I have a good reason in mind as to why they did it. They wanted to show unity with the Republican Party bc they don’t want their careers jeopardized, but we have to send a strong message that Washington isn’t going to let politicians sacrifice the country for the sake of preserving party unity. And when someone puts their political party before their country and the constituents they have sworn to protect at their swearing in, they have violated their oath. And when they violate their oath, there must be consequences. 

No one in this country can defect as a military soldier without consequence. Why should these congressmen, who sacrifice so much less, get away with what is clearly a crime against our democracy and its citizens?

I realize that this is a bold move, but we need to send a message. President Donald Trump has sent his message. Though the election was fair and free, he decided to spend millions for witch hunts that turned up nothing. Even after investigating, it was discovered that President-Elect Biden had more votes. One case of voter fraud found is that of a Republican who “resurrected” his deceased mother on paper to vote for Trump. All the witch hunts have worked against him. 

He’s soon to leave office. I’ve been told you’re counting down the hours. But those who stood with him will leave this messy time without consequence unless you act. 

Now is the time. Just as you were bold with impeachment against the incumbent, now is the time to take a bold stance in the House of Representatives. These congressmen have violated their oath. They have violated their duty. They have shown that if they must, they will sacrifice the country for the sake of their political careers. It must not be tolerated in our democracy where there should be justice for all. 
No one is above the law, not even these treasonous, seditious congressmen. In the coming days, I’m counting on you as Speaker of the House to unseat these 126 Republican congressmen. 

I thank you for your patience and time in reading my letter. And I will be reading and staying afloat. The time is ripe for bold leadership in Washington. It’s time to send a message that Trumpism may rule the Republican Party, but it will not, and cannot, rule the United States of America.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and Congress, and blessings for a happy and prosperous New Year. God bless. 

how you can help

Do you want to write your own letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing your frustration over the 126 Republican congressmen who betrayed our country’s democracy and fair and free elections? Go to the link below and fill out the form. Then, feel free to contact us at the church’s contact page and let us know you sent Nancy Pelosi your letter and that you stand with us.