Bible Study: John 6, Part 2 continues tonight

We’ve been studying John 6 this week in Bible Study, examining the text for clues as to whether or not Calvinism is present there. It isn’t. John 6 has much to teach us, but 71 verses is simply too much to cover in one Bible Study alone. We were able to cover some things about Jesus giving Himself “for the world,” which is at odds with Calvinism’s claim that Jesus only died for some (what Calvinism calls “Limited Atonement”).

Jesus was also interested in giving salvation to those who followed Him because their stomachs were fed – which also clashes with Calvinism’s view that Jesus said “no man can come unless the Father draws him” in John 6:44 because Jesus wasn’t interested in saving them. He was interested in saving them; it was their lack of faith that was the issue, not Jesus’ desire to save.

We were also blessed to study Jesus’ words in John 6:27 about the Father setting His seal on Jesus. Few seem to understand what this means, but it’s important to think about because Jesus is the one the Father has chosen, the one who pleases the Father. We can only please God if we come to Him by faith (Hebrews 11:6), which means that we can’t be pleasing to God until we are “in Christ.” Election and faith are thus, tied together, not wrangled apart and divorced from one another, as Calvinism states.

Fortunately, we here at The Essential Church have covered everything but the last 11 or so verses of the chapter. We’re starting back tonight with John 6, Part 2, at verse 60 and following.

We’ve uploaded the first part of the John 6 teaching, so feel free to listen in when you have a free hour.  We believe you’ll be blessed by the study.

Tonight’s Bible Study will continue John 6, looking for more clues in the biblical text that inform us that Calvinism doesn’t exist there. There is some juicy theology and terrific biblical statements to come at the end of John 6, and we don’t want you to miss it. Make it your aim to listen in when the recording goes live on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

If you desire to meet up with us and have Bible Study in person, feel free to contact us at and tell us a little about yourself and your desire to see what the feast of the Word here at the church is all about. Our Bible Study meets on Monday and Thursday nights, 7PM-9PM EST. We’d love to have you come join us!

There are other announcements on the agenda for the end of October. First, there’s this upcoming Doctrine Sunday, where we’ll take a look at some passages that have been used to prevent women from serving in roles of preaching, teaching, and pastoral ministry. Next Sunday, October 29th, is our Harvest Sunday 2017 event, where we’ll preach a sermon designed to encourage believers in their small ministries to trust God despite the discouragement. If you have a fledgling ministry that has started small, and are trusting God for something big, we believe this sermon will encourage you to move onwards and upwards for the Kingdom of God.

We love you, pray for you, and desire that you prosper in body and spirit, even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2).

God Bless.

Pastor D.M. Richardson

The Essential Church

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